In order to become a member of the CARNVAL network, all interested public or private institutions, associations and companies must:

1/ fill in the document GENERAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT FOR THE PARTICIPATION IN THE CARNVAL NETWORK [click here to download the document] by substituting you institution data for the highlighted text in the document. The “General Cooperation Agreement” document must then be printed, signed, scanned and finally uploaded by clicking the relevant link that you will find in the form here below.

2/ fill out the form here below. The form must be submitted online by simply clicking the relevant button. As you complete the form online, please be sure that you are completing each section accurately and completely.

If your membership request is approved, a letter from CARNVAL Network will be sent to you in a week . This letter will include the GENERAL COOPERATION AGREEMENT FOR THE PARTICIPATION IN THE CARNVAL NETWORK” document (which you uploaded) duly signed by the CARNVAL Network representative.




(If you have any questions regarding your application or require assistance in completing the e-form, please contact the CARNVAL project at


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  2. Institution type (public entity, private entity, creative industry, cultural industry, etc)
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  4. In case your application is supported by a CARNVAL Network institution, please, indicate its name:
  5. Describe briefly your institution/company. The CARNVAL Network website will include this text (100 words at most) in order to promote your institution/company as a Network participant. Please, feel free to let us know your website address and your institution logo:
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  10. The contact information provided above will be published on the CARNVAL project database. It will be used for CARNVAL network purposes.
  11. We will take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful use of this data. Please contact if you have any further data protection requirements. CARNVAL network is the data controller.